At akt we believe that access to appropriate health services is a right that all LGBTQ+ people deserve regardless of their housing status. We have compiled a list of resources to ensure that LGBTQ+ people can get free access to sexual health services across the UK. We will try to keep this resource as up to date as possible as the monkeypox vaccine rollout continues nationwide, but please be advised that access to vaccines, and advice on who is eligible is susceptible to change.

With the rising cases of monkeypox, we have included guidance on how/where to get a vaccine if offered. However, many of these clinics will be stating that those presenting with symptoms shouldn’t arrive at the clinic without a specific appointment in order to stop the spread further.


The government has offered the following guidance on monkeypox and its vaccine (MVA):

  • MVA is offered to healthcare workers who are caring for and/or or are due to start caring for a patient with confirmed monkeypox
  • Gay, bisexual, and other men that have sex with men. You will be advised vaccination particularly if you have multiple partners, participate in group sex or attend ‘sex on premises’ venues
  • People who have already had close contact with a patient with confirmed monkeypox. Vaccination should be offered ASAP (ideally within 4 days but up to 14)

For more guidance please read the published report on the website.

If you are homeless with monkeypox symptoms, and you have nowhere to self-isolate, please call 111 immediately. Try to limit your contact with other people. You should stay at least 1 metre away from others.

If you are unable to call 111 you should go to your nearest A&E, urgent treatment centre or sexual health clinic and inform the reception team that you have monkeypox symptoms.

If you have any symptoms including fever, head and muscle aches, backache, swollen glands, chills, exhaustion, new or unexpected or unexplained spots, ulcers or blisters then please contact your local health service by phone or call 111 for advice.

You can also call the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) for confidential support on the THT Direct Helpline, they also have a resource with information and a FAQ section.

Regional Clinics

The easiest way to find your local sexual health clinic is to use the NHS database, via your town, city, or postcode in England.

For Scotland, Sexual Health Scotland, have a similar searchable directory of sexual health services.

NHS Wales has a list of the sexual health clinics, along with their website and contact details.

Sexual Health NI has a list and map of the Genitourinary Medicine clinics (GUM aka genital health clinic) throughout Northern Ireland.

The following list of sexual health clinics based on region are clinics that have stated a commitment to LGBTQ safety. 



North West:

Yorkshire & surrounding area:

North East:

East Midlands:

West Midlands:

  • Birmingham LGBT run sexual health services for all LGBTQ+ people in the West Midlands area

South West:

South Central and South East:


  • S-X Scotland is a service for gay & bisexual men to get sexual health services and support
  • Sandyford Project has all relevant sexual health info and services


  • 111 Wales have a section of their website dedicated to LGBTQ+ health and wellbeing

Trans Specific: