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Get the support you need, in your own time, wherever you are. Our Support Hub features useful guides, personal stories and the latest news from akt.

why we exist

In 2023, a charity that supports LGBTQ+ young people experiencing homelessness, should not need to exist. This campaign is about why akt is needed and how we help.

support services

Help is available if you need it. Find the right kind of support for you from our list of LGBTQ+, homelessness, and general support services below.

alex’s story

Read about Alex’s journey from an abusive home-life to a stable living situation, where they could settle back into education.

A person sitting on a sofa talking.

sammy’s story

Sammy is a 20-year-old trans woman who contacted us through our Live Chat after she was taken abroad by her parents due to her trans identity.

gp & healthcare access

Being registered with a GP is an important step to getting help with your physical and mental health. Find out how to find and register with a GP, whether you’re experiencing homelessness or not.

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a quick guide to pronouns

Pronouns are a part of everyday language - a lot of the time we use them without even thinking! Using the right pronouns is a way of showing respect for all gender identities.