causes of homelessness

Understanding the causes of homelessness can help us support LGBTQ+ young people out homelessness for good.


77% of the young people akt support cited family rejection and abuse after coming out or being outed as the primary reason for their homelessness.

why does being lgbtq+ increase your likelihood of becoming homeless?:

Over half of LGBTQ+ young people said that, before becoming homeless, their family members stopped them from expressing their LGBTQ+ identity. This rose to 64% amongst trans people and 55 % of disabled people- emphasise this.

One in six LGBTQ+ young people (16%) reported being forced to do sexual acts against their will by family members before becoming homeless, forms of so called conversion therapy. This impacted 21 % of disabled LGBTQ+ young people.

I’ve been living on my own since I was sixteen. I was kicked out because of being queer.
Fran - he/him

In our 2021 report we asked LGBTQ+ young people what they thought were the reasons for why their family were not supportive. Here’s what they told us:


the impact of housing insecurity:

The cost-of-living crisis is leaving many on the brink of experiencing homelessness. This is particularly the case for LGBTQ+ young people, many of whom were already in precarious financial positions prior to the crisis and often do not have family to turn to for support.

The inability to secure affordable is increasingly becoming another driver of homelessness and housing insecurity and not just in London, alongside discrimination related to gender identity, sexuality, and ethnicity in the private rented sector.