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Together, we can be there for LGBTQ+ young people who need us


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Help keep lgbtq+ young people safe and supported with a one-off gift or regular donation to akt. You can also use this form to pay in an amount you've fundraised for akt - please add a note in the comment section.


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Get help

If you're LGBTQ+, aged 16-25 and living in a hostile or abusive environment, or struggling with your housing situation, we can help. You are not alone.


Author: Charlie Jordin


of homeless young people identify as LGBT


believe coming out to their parents was the main factor


Since 1989, we’ve helped and supported over 50,000 young LGBTQ+ people

LGBTQ+ groups and networks

LGBTQ+ groups exist to ensure you are supported, empowered and provided with the information you need.


Author: Charlie Jordin

Helplines and online support

Sometimes you need someone to talk to.


Author: Charlie Jordin

Coronavirus: advice and support for LGBTQ+ young people

What you need to do and where you can get support


Author: Charlie Jordin

latest news

  • Universal credit and covid-19

    An uplift is crucial to preventing more LGBTQ+ young people from experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. Read more

  • New government lockdown support: rough sleeping and evictions

    The government have announced that it will be providing a further £10 million to house those experiencing rough sleeping and to ensure that they are registered with a GP to receive Covid vaccinations, in line with local vaccination plans. Read more

  • LGBT History Month 2021

    Are you part of a school, organisation or network that would like to book a speaker to mark the month? We’d love to offer a virtual session on what the month means, and an insight into the work we do at akt! Read more

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