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Can your company help us provide a better future for LGBTQ+ young people? We’d love to chat to you!

24% of homeless people aged 16-25 in the UK are LGBTQ+. With the right tools, we can end LGBTQ+ youth homelessness – and your company or LGBTQ+ network could play a huge part in this.

akt receives a large proportion of its funding from corporate and LGBTQ+ network fundraising, through direct partnerships, employee fundraising, selling goods, and more.

Thanks to previous corporate and LGBTQ+ network sponsorship, we have been able to:

  • Provide safe and secure housing for LGBTQ+ young people.
  • Help with costs associated with moving, such as providing funds towards rent and a deposit, well as food shops and travel expenses.
  • Run groups for our young people to mingle with others and form meaningful connections with other LGBTQ+ young people.
  • Keep our support services open.

akt's impact 2022-23

Without the support of corporations, fundraisers and individuals, we wouldn’t be able to support LGBTQ+ people in ways that truly help. These stats, from 2022/23, highlight some of the ways your support has helped.
impakt report 2022-2023
  • 817

    young LGBTQ+ people supported

  • 8980

    housing actions

  • 2012

    financial support actions

  • 1653

    mental health actions

can your company help us provide a better future for LGBTQ+ young people?

If you want to help change the lives of LGBTQ+ young people through your workplace or LGBTQ+ network, we would love to hear from you. Contact our team below!
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the benefits of partnering with akt:

We can work closely with your company and/or LGBTQ+ network to develop ideas around making the workplace safer and more inviting for LGBTQ+ people, and to educate employees about the problems that our services users face.

Through our shared values and genuine commitment to social change, we can help raise awareness of your company and of akt’s services for everyone who needs them, as well as improve employee engagement, connect your company with our incredibly active and enthusiastic supporter base, and boost your brand awareness and trust.

akt has been my guiding light through the darkest of times. from securing shelter to providing sustenance, they stood by me every step, offering not just accommodation and food, but unwavering support and compassion.
sam, akt service user (identity has been changed)
At NRF, we have had the pleasure to work with akt for almost a year now. Our partnership began as a fundraising drive for akt as part of our LGBTQ+ Pride Month campaign in 2023. During our Pride celebrations, we were joined by the from the akt team to raise funds and show our colleagues the vital work that the charity undertake in regards to LGBTQ+ people facing homelessness or hostile living environments. Following this, akt have used our London Office spaces for meetings and event. Our work with akt has also included pro bono support on a some legal matters. We are looking forward to continuing our work with akt in the future.
National Retail Federation
We are a Sheffield-based company that creates custom and personalised minifigs, printing our designs onto genuine LEGO parts. Having recreated some important people from LGBTQ+ history in minifig form (e.g. Alan Turing, Marsha P Johnson, Anne Lister and Audre Lorde), we wanted to donate a portion of these minifig sales to a good cause linked to LGBTQ+ issues. We also sell minifig parts and accessories with an LGBTQ+ theme (like mini pride flags, minifig heads with rainbows on their cheeks etc) and wanted to donate a portion of those sales too. Akt seemed like the perfect choice for this, so we got in touch back in 2021. Since then, we have been giving them 20% of the sales of these minifigs and parts. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to live their lives authentically, and it is heartbreaking that young people can and do face homelessness as a result of their LGBTQ+ identity. We believe that akt has an incredibly important mission in supporting these young people, and we are delighted to be able to donate some money towards their goals.
Mini Figs

akt's values

  • inclusivity
  • community
  • courage
  • accountability