how to register to vote

This resource will explain how to register to vote in the UK’s general election.


In order to vote in the UK, you will need to register first. This process should only take around 5 minutes. To vote in the upcoming 2024 election, you will need to register to vote by the 18th of June.

It’s important to remember that if you move house or change your name, you will need to register to vote again.

registering to vote online

You can register to vote online, and the process will take around 5 minutes. When you register to vote online you will be asked for your national insurance number - but you can still register if you don't have one.

When applying online you will need to answer the following questions:
• Where you live
• What your nationality is
• What your date of birth is
• Your full name
• If you've ever changed your name
• Your national insurance number

After you’ve registered, your name and address will appear on the electoral register.
Register to vote here

registering to vote by post

If you are unable to register to vote online, you can also complete the process via post. To do so, you will need to contact your local Electoral Registration Office and ask them to post a form to you. You’ll then need to return the completed form to your local Electoral Registration Office.
request a form here

key dates:

  • Deadline to register to vote in the General Election – Tuesday 18th June 11:59pm
  • Deadline to apply for a postal vote – Wednesday 19th June 5pm
  • Deadline to apply for proxy vote  – Wednesday 26th June 5pm
  • Deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (voter ID) – Wednesday 26th June 5pm
  • Election day – you can vote in person from 7am to 10pm at your polling station – Thursday 4th July