Andrew's Story

"Since working with AKT, I am proud to say that I feel much happier and confident in myself, I have successfully moved to London and have an interview for a degree at University in the next few weeks that I am thrilled about."Read more

A's Story

“I lived in a village with hardly any buses and I just felt trapped.”Read more

Gino's Story

"My life has not been easy growing up to even now because I have faced different challenges, but the spirit of courage never left my side, rather it made me a very ambitious person who is confident, keen to articulate and to progress to the next level. "Read more

Jane's Story

Jane came to AKT for support around finding somewhere to live as she was staying with her ex-partner and their relationship was volatile.Read more

John's Story

John, a young gay man from Manchester, fled his homophobic father’s attacks after coming out to his parents.Read more

Marcus' Story

Marcus came to Manchester to start a new life and escape isolation.Read more

Three Lives Your Support Has Changed

Your support of The Albert Kennedy Trust allows us to support young LGBTQ+ people like Tony, Nathan and Sally. Here are their stories...Read more