OUR VISION: A world without LGBTQ+ youth homelessness

OUR MISSION: Preventing LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, because no young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are


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Guiding principles behind our new strategy

  • To review and improve our support to young people by continually developing our evidence base through research, consultation and  engagement – especially with young people 
  • To build strong local and national partnerships so we can benefit from their expertise reputation, endorsement and support to ensure we have the capacity to deliver and fund high quality, relevant services to young people 
  • To provide innovative and responsive prevention / early action services which will keep the most vulnerable young people safe by reducing the risk of homelessness 
  • Service development based on adapting to local need and not providing a bespoke unsustainable offer 
  • To secure a national presence and leadership in our field 
  • To remain financially robust and achieve a strong infrastructure

Strategic Priorities for 2021

REACH more of the 24% most vulnerable young people facing homelessness who identify as LGBT and need our support

ENGAGE, listen, and work with others to constantly improve our offer to young people and our supporters

PREVENT and significantly reduce the risk of youth homelessness by providing an early action model of service delivery

Delivering AKT’s Strategy: Our programmes for 2018-21

At the centre of our strategy is the completion of a national scoping exercise in summer 2018 with our research partners, Birmingham University. This research will provide akt with a clear picture of need outside our current three regional locations and identify the best models of delivery to inform decisions about the future growth of the organisation.

Safer Homes to Independence

In 2018-19 we will be remodelling and expanding our Purple Door, supported living and other housing options for young people with housing and homelessness partners.

Working in partnership with mainstream housing and homelessness services we will strengthen provision to meet the needs of LGBT young people. 

Digital Services 

Our digital support service for young people will expand to incorporate live advice and information sessions; easy-access digital content on the issues young people have identified; an instant online support service; alongside the expansion of our eMentoring offer. 

We will continue to work with NSPCC and others to ensure online support is a safe and secure online space for young people seeking information and support.

We will be working with partner organisations to develop an online service for families to ensure parents, care givers and families are better informed and supported in order to prevent the risk of rejection and abuse of young people coming out at home.

Youth Engagement Programme

We want to ensure young people have a stronger voice and are active in the development, delivery and review of
akt's work. To support this, we are introducing a Youth Engagement programme lead
 to develop and lead a meaningful programme for engaging young people.

Volunteering Programme

Accounting for 90% of our workforce and over 20,000 hours of labour per year, volunteers are critical to akt preventing homelessness every day. In 2018, we are introducing a programme led by a new member of the team to recruit, equip, support, recognise and incentivise our individual and corporate volunteers to deliver the support and activities young people and akt needs.


Through a programme of outreach and net-reach supported by our Young Ambassadors, volunteers and partners organisations, we will ensure those working in health, education, housing and the community, who have responsibility for keeping young people safe, have the awareness and access to resources, such as akt, to reach LGBT people young people early and when they need support most.

Strong partnerships 

  • We will be partnering with the networks, faith groups and communities from which our most vulnerable young people come from, to secure acceptance and support 
  • We will be securing and building on partnerships with national and local organisations such as Crisis and NSPCC to benefit from their expertise, reputation and strength to ensure we have the capacity to deliver high quality and relevant services to young people where and when they need us most

Communications and Public Affairs Programme

Establishing a stronger national profile for LGBT youth homelessness and AKT through empowering young people and enabling partners to deliver the message will support akt to prevent and reduce youth homelessness in a meaningful way. This will include:

  • Producing digital and other content with young people and sharing this with our media partners and influencers 
  • Delivering our no room for hate campaign nationally in Spring 
  • Securing cross party / parliamentary champions to effect change and ensure young LGBT people do not continue to be over-represented amongst the homeless population

Research and Consultation

In partnership with leading academic institutions, we are planning to deliver a series of in-depth investigations into the impact of LGBT youth homelessness to raise awareness and to identify better solutions to ensure prevention and early action reduces the long-term effects on young lives.


To find out more our strategic direction, contact our CEO, Tim Sigsworth.

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