abbie's story

Read about Abbie’s journey from an abusive home-life to a stable living situation.


Abbie came to akt still living in an abusive family environment, they had no idea how the housing process worked and what support they were eligible for.

abbie’s experience with akt:

Abbie’s referral was made to their local council and akt put pressure on the council to offer temporary accommodation as they were hesitant to do so.

Abbie was put in to a self-contained flat for almost 5 months until they were offered a 1-bedroom flat with the local authority. In those months, Abbie ran low on food as they received a very low amount of money from universal credit each month.

akt provided Abbie with a referral to a food bank, and gave them two supermarket vouchers while helping them maximise their income by applying for government funding.

Abbie was initially denied financial support for her limited capability to work, however after appealing with akt’s support, was granted it. Abbie’s application for a Personal Independence Payment was denied but they have experience of the mandatory reconsideration process and are challenging the decision with the help of their new accommodation provider.

akt provided funds to Abbie via the Rainbow starter pack and paid for their carpet, bed frame, mattress, bedding, chest of drawers, washing machine and kitchen items for the new flat.

akt provided a referral to trans and non-binary specialist domestic violence service Lovingme, who Abbie is currently working with. Abbie is also working with a mental health service. While in temporary accommodation, Abbie found bed bugs in their flat, and with akt were able to lodge a complaint with the council. They were also able to pressure the landlord of the accommodation to do a pest treatment when they were trying to delay.

Through the independent living fund, akt were able to provide a steamer for Abbie so that they could kill any bed bugs they found without having to throw away furniture.

Abbie is working with the social housing provider to appeal their Personal Independence claim decision. They’re now in permanent, long-term accommodation.

Abbie is currently getting themselves settled in their safe accommodation. After this, they plan to begin volunteering and looking in to work that they can manage alongside their health.

Upon my research, I found akt. I filled out their self-referral form online and received a phone call from one of their case workers within a matter of days. akt quickly got me into emergency accommodation, they provided me an escape from the violence I was experiencing; and a few months later, I am now living in a council flat. akt helped me every step of the way to secure permanent housing, helped me set up my bills and even provided me with furniture. akt are an amazing charity and I wouldn't be where I am today, in the comfort and safety of my own home, without them. Thank you akt!
Abbie, akt service user


If you identify as LGBTQ+ and you’re homeless or living in a hostile environment, akt might be able to help. Contact us via live chat to get directed to the right place, or click on the button below to find out more about what we do.