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chris’ story

Chris was sleeping rough until they found out about akt.


chris could no longer live at home when their family found out that they were bisexual.

chris’ experience with akt:

With no family support and no friends to stay with, they had to sleep in a park. Isolated and vulnerable, they were approached by men offering drugs or places to stay in exchange for sex. They found out about akt from a friend and akt supported them to access a shelter. They continued doing their art course at college and after a few weeks at the shelter moved in with a couple who are part of akt’s host programme.

“Adam and Jack are like big brothers to me, they make me feel like their home is my home and are always available for advice about everyday things. I wouldn’t be as settled as I am if it wasn’t for them.”
Chris, akt service user

Chris is looking forward to continuing their studies by going to university and moving into private rented accommodation with help from akt’s Rainbow Starter Pack.

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We believe no young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are. If you’d like to support our work with young LGBTQ+ people facing or experiencing homelessness, click here.


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