AKT is a youth focused organisation where we co-develop and co-produce our work with young people.

We do this so we can make sure the needs and issues facing young people are at the heart of everything we do.  In consultation with young people we are co-creating a Youth Engagement Programme focused on ensuring young people get the start in life they deserve and their voices are heard by AKT, policy and decision makers as well as wider society, ensuring a safe and equal society for future generations.

Our Youth Engagement Programme currently includes:

  • #YouthCon a national youth conference were young people can learn skills, influence change and build friendships; 
  • #YouthStrategyDay this year we focused on planning our forward direction as a digital service provider
  • Young Ambassadors a team of our ex-service users who represent AKT, delivering our message at events and to media
  • Co-creation of exciting new projects at AKT, like our first national service inter-AKT in partnership with our staff, volunteers and Trustee team
  • ‘IF’ Investing in Futures programme, providing internships for young people to be part of the AKT team or working with our partners to secure apprenticeships for young people
  • Communications Ambassadors, this includes sharing our work on digital channels with their peers and editing our AKT NOW digital newsletter

What’s next for YEP

  • engaging young people in AKT’s lobbying and campaigning programme
  • developing and training a team peer researchers
  • training our Young Ambassadors to engage, inform and connect with their neighbourhoods including influencing at a local level; community improvement 


If you're aged 16-25 and interested in getting involved in our Youth Engagement Programme, drop us a line.