Who are we?

The Youth Engagement Programme is part of the Services team at akt. We provide independent living support to the young people who are working with our caseworkers.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to support young people so that they don't ever experience homelessness or re-enter homelessness. We do this by helping them develop their life skills, employability, and social networks, and to welcome them into our akt community.

"hanging out with other queer people got me through lockdown."

What do we do?

We run activities, workshops, weekly hangouts, panels, conferences, and other social inclusion events.

Special events

Usually, once a year, we run a Youth Conference (a.k.a akt weekend) where we invite young people from all over the country to attend a weekend full of talks, activities, socials, and community building! We also run Youth Strategy Days, giving young people a platform to give feedback to akt about our Services, the organisation, and their experiences.

Read our zine here

If you would like to take part in YEP events, please email [email protected] 

These activities and events are organised for akt young people. If you are a young person accessing akt and you would like to attend, please email [email protected] for more details

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