Many homeless LGBT young people have experienced rejection and escaped violence. For some this will be their first winter on their own. Can you be their lifeline?

Like Sally says in the video above, we know that having a basic mobile phone with credit can be the difference between staying connected and safe, and feeling isolated, cut off, and even more vulnerable.

It means that if they don't have somewhere to sleep tonight they can reach us quickly and safely. That if they've been thrown out of their home or rejected by their family we can give them the support they desperately need. No one should be forced to sleep on the icy streets this winter, cut off and unable to find help. That's why we need you to help them stay connected and stay safe.

Be a lifeline this winter for homeless LGBT young people:

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"When you've got nowhere to go, a mobile can be the one thing which keeps you connected to support. It meant I could reach help fast when I found myself with nowhere safe to sleep" - Sally 

When Sally came out as lesbian as a teenager, her parents threw her out of her family home. They thought it was unnatural and didn't understand it. Instantly Sally became homeless and didn't know where to turn. Luckily she called AKT and we could give her somewhere safe to sleep, and the support to help her rebuild her life. 

Like you, we want to ensure that no LGBT young person finds themselves with nowhere to go, no one to turn to, and no way to get help. Can you show them your support this winter and keep a young person safe and connected?

What your donation could cover:

£9.99 can pay for a basic mobile with credit, which can be the difference between staying connected, and feeling isolated and unsafe.

£25.00 could keep a homeless LGBT young person out of the cold and into the safety of LGBT-friendly emergency accommodation for one night this winter.

£34.99 can pay for a simple smartphone which can be essential for keeping safe and connected with vital support, like our services team and digital mentors.

Fancy giving a gift with a difference this Christmas? 

If you’re on the hunt for Christmas gifts with meaning, you can help keep a LGBT young person safe on behalf of your friend or loved one – job done!

Pop a note in the comments box when you donate and we can sort out a lovely personalised posted card or eCard for them.

Any amount you give will help LGBT young people:

These gifts are real examples of some of the items and services we provide, and are used to represent the way your donation may be spent.

Please be aware that all donations are distributed across AKT’s work where they’re most needed.

A quick call is the fastest way for a young person to reach us if they find themselves in crisis and with nowhere safe to sleep this winter

Nathan in our services team knows first-hand just how crucial it is for a young person to be able to reach us quickly. "Sometimes our young people might WhatsApp us instead of calling if they're not in a safe place and it's dangerous for them to speak. It can then also be the quickest and safest way for us to respond and help". 

Give a one-off gift this winter