Lou's Story

Read about Lou’s journey from the prospect of a hostile home-life to a stable living situation.


Lou was referred to us as they lived with their parents, however their parents decided to sell their house and move away to live with Lou’s grandparents.

Lou said that their grandparents were transphobic and homophobic, and she couldn’t didn’t feel safe to go and live with them. Lou also wanted space to express her gender after recently changing their pronouns.

They started looking for flat share opportunities while still living at home, but shared with akt that they didn’t feel like she’d be able to share with people as it was triggering her PTSD.

Lou’s parents sold the house and Lou went to stay with a friend for a few weeks, still exploring private rented options but without much luck. Lou’s friend told them they had to leave as soon as possible and at that point Lou gave us consent to submit a duty to refer with their local council.

The council assessed Lou as being homeless but not in priority need. Lou worked hard to find a private let, using her dad as a guarantor. Using akt’s rainbow starter pack, Lou was able to pay for the deposit, first months rent, a bed, a mattress, bedding and a food voucher. Akt sent Lou gender affirming items like makeup. Lou has been working and living in the flat since.

Lou now is in full time work and keeps up with hobbies such as drag. Lou is also pursuing a career in acting.


If you identify as LGBTQ+ and you’re homeless or living in a hostile environment, akt might be able to help. Contact us via live chat to get directed to the right place, or click on the button below to find out more about what we do.