As Ramadan ends, we here at AKT would like to wish everyone Eid Mubarak! In honour of this celebration, we have put together a resource for LGBTQ+ Muslims, to signpost to resources and events for those who wish to connect with their community via groups, food or prayer.

Many of the LGBTQ+ Muslim young people who access our resources and services do so due to not being welcome within their own families and communities. There is also a lack of support for this intersectional identity within LGBTQ+ spaces.

We hope that this resource can be used by any LGBTQ+ Muslim young person looking for community support so that they may feel less alone through periods of vulnerability associated with homelessness.

Events & Community Resources:

We have been in contact with the Inclusive Mosque Initiative who are a Queer and Trans inclusive mosque community without a building that hold events online and in-person. The Inclusive Mosque would like to add that they are most useful for those aged 21+, however they do have safeguarding policies in place. Their Imams lead prayers but can’t provide chaplaincy services or advice. For more information on the events that they hold please see the link below to their events page. We thank the Inclusive Mosque Initiative for working with us.

Hidayah LGBT are a UK & US organisation for LGBTQ+ Muslims running online events and linking to other resources. They update most regularly on their Twitter but have a full calendar on their website:

For South Asian Muslims the Desi Rainbow organisation run a monthly support group, as well as celebrations for major holy days.

Imaan LGBTQ+ are a Muslim Support Organisation holding events regularly online, promoted primarily on their social media:

Gaysians brings together resources, networks and organisations that they believe best serve the South Asian LGBTQIA+ community (including LGBTQIA+ Muslims):

Helpline and support:

The Muslim Youth Helpline are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 4pm to 10pm with a helpline, online chat service and email.

Naz & Matt Foundation exists to empower and support LGBTQI+ individuals, their friends and family to work towards resolving challenges linked to sexuality or gender identity, particularly where religion is heavily influencing the situation.

Karma Nirvana is a national charity supporting, through their helpline, victims and survivors of forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

General Resources:

London Queer Muslims are “The United Kingdom's First Zikri and Theology Group Run for and by Queer Muslims”. Their website has many links to resources like books and videos on Queer Muslim Theology, as well as a collection of their own resources:

Muslims For Progressive Values are a US & UK group who endorse human and civil rights of LGBTQI individuals. They have many resources for Muslims such as a series of lectures on Inclusive Islam. They also engage in advocacy projects and community organisations.


Muslim Hands have their Open Kitchen, providing free meals for vulnerable and needy in the UK.

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