Films and documentaries exploring the Black and LGBTQ+ experience

CW: the themes and content of the below might be upsetting or triggering to some, particularly those who have lived experiences of racism, transphobia and/or homophobia

Beyond: There’s always a black issue, dear

Short documentary about growing up Black and queer in 1970s and 80s Britain.


Documentary about the New York drag and voguing scene, following the lives of LGBTQ+ youth of colour while Black Lives Matter and trans rights are making front-page headlines.

Difficult Love

Documentary exploring some of the issues black lesbians in South Africa face.


African American trans woman Major recounts her life and the fight for human rights for LGBTQ+ people in her community.

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

Documentary exploring the incredible life of Bayard Rustin, a leader in social rights and close advisor to Martin Luther King Jr.

Check It

Documentary about LGBTQ+ teens in Washington, D.C. who formed a gang to protect each other.

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