OUR VISION: A world without LGBT youth homelessnessOUR MISSION: Preventing LGBT youth homelessness through safe homes and advocacyOUR VALUES

Respect for diversity:  We respect that everybody has a unique experience and we aim to ensure equality and inclusion are at the heart of what we do

Determination:  We never give up challenging discrimination

Innovation:  We continually evolve and improve

Integrity:  We are transparent and work in an open and honest manner

Partnership:  We are committed to working with all our stakeholders to ensure LGBT young people are safe


  • Positioning AKT as the national LGBT youth homelessness charity

  • Improving the experience of AKT for all our stakeholders

  • Positioning LGBT youth homelessness as the primary LGBT rights issue in the UK

  • Ensuring we are fit for purpose

Outcomes for 2017-18

  • Services at AKT reach and meet the needs of their target audience

  • AKT goes digital (inter-AKT)

  • Purple Door Strategy 2018-23 developed

  • Youth engagement underpins all development and delivery at AKT

  • Income generation meets targets

  • HR function reviewed and improved

  • Financial systems and procedures updated

  • Staff and all stakeholders experience of AKT improved

  • Excellent governance

  • Profile of AKT and LGBT youth homelessness raised nationally