Hi there, I’m not Sally, but this is her story.

When I came out as lesbian my parents rejected me from our family home. They thought it was unnatural and couldn’t understand it.

When I was younger, I was so desperate to hide my sexuality from them that I’d become pregnant. When they threw me out they refused to let me leave with my child.

I was 19 and homeless and didn’t know where to turn. I felt very lost. Luckily I rang AKT who gave me somewhere warm and safe to sleep. Their emergency safe house Purple Door looked after me and didn’t judge me. AKT also gave me access to a support worker to help me rebuild my life.

I’m now living independently, I’ve got a job I really like, and I’m dating an awesome woman. I’m currently fighting to get my child back from my parents.

When you’ve been thrown out of your family home and been rejected for being who you are, a mobile can be the one thing which helps to keep you connected to support, and means you can reach help fast if you find yourself with no where safe to sleep. Can you help homeless LGBT young people stay safe and connected this winter?

YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVMOiYNW7_8