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a guide on grief and estrangement for lgbtq+ young people

This guide, created by akt, the Unite Foundation and All of Us, is a resource aimed at supporting grieving young people.


Grief is something we all experience at some point in our lives, although many people might not until later in their years.  

We know that there can be an extra complication involved for young LGBTQ+ people, whose sexual and gender identities may be intertwined with the grief they are experiencing.  

akt, the Unite Foundation and All of Us, have put together this resource to support young people experiencing grief, estrangement and/or bereavement.

Using feedback taken from a workshop conducted with young people experiencing grief, this resource will contain information about how to manage grief and estrangement at university and in work, how to plan a funeral, the benefits and financial support that is available, and how to access therapy and community support.

this guide will include resources and support on:

  • Practicalities 

    how to manage probate, a funeral & someone’s estate.

  • Finances

    the benefits & financial support you may be entitled to.

  • Students

    how to talk to an employer about grief and advice for students.

  • Therapy

    signposting to community support services and therapy.

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Download our Grief and Estrangement resource here

This resource will include information on how to manage a funeral, probate, someones estate, the financial support you may be entitled too, how to talk to an employer or university about grief and much more.
Grief Resource