1989 Six LGB volunteers led by straight ally Cath Hall meet at Manchester Town Hall to launch The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT). The world’s first ever service for homeless LGBT youth is born, providing safe homes and support, then later, mentoring.

1995 AKT opens in London to meet growing need amongst young people.

2012 AKT opens Purple Door, the UK’s first emergency safe house for LGBT young people.

2013 AKT arrives in the northeast following merger with local project Outpost Housing Project.

2014 AKT is 25 and launches a national multi-media campaign to raise awareness of homelessness.

2015 AKT supports the development and launch of STREHA, eastern Europe’s first charity offering emergency accommodation to LGBT youth.

2015 AKT launches its first No Room For Hate campaign with a series of powerful videos featuring young LGBT people who have been supported by AKT. The campaign is still running today. 

2017 #AKTGoesDigital! We launch our first digital and national service to provide young people with preventative support where and when they need it most.

In 2019 we are 30! If you have been involved in the trust as a supporter, donor, patron, volunteer or service user, please get in touch. We want your stories, pictures and involvement in our big birthday celebrations!