Previously accessed AKT's services? AKT is looking for new Young Ambassadors!

AKT is looking for people who have previously accessed our housing and case work services, are aged under 28, and would like to publicly represent the organisation through our Young Ambassador programme. 

AKT are passionate about having young voices at the forefront of our work. As a Young Ambassador, you will be contributing to the growth and impact of AKT through positively representing the organisation at public and corporate events, public affairs and media. You will be supported to develop and work towards a bespoke professional development plan. 

Working alongside the AKT team, you will be provided with training and support to feel confident in telling your story and your experience with AKT. 

In joining the programme you will: 

  • Have the chance to meet other Young Ambassadors
  • Attend corporate and public events with AKT 
  • Extend your confidence and skill in media- whether that be through public speaking, writing articles and speaking to media.
  • Know that you are making an important contribution to the work of AKT. 
  • Attend events in various parts of the UK.
  • Creating networks with people who can support your career and life skills development.
  • Be supported to meet professional development goals with a small training budget. 
  • Commit to an 18 month term

For more information and an application pack please contact Zoe: [email protected]

Please apply before the 15th of February.

Download an application form