It’s being reported that the minister for Women and Equalities Committee, Liz Truss, is soon to propose measures to protect ‘safe spaces’ for cisgender women, and plans to cancel reform to the Gender Recognition Act to enable trans people to self-identify their gender.

akt believe that plans to reform the GRA are long overdue. We unequivocally stand behind the right of all trans and non-binary people to exercise their right to self-identify. 

We are also deeply concerned about alleged proposals to enable women’s spaces to legally exclude trans women. Trans women are women and these steps would cause unjust harm to the community. 

akt supports Stonewall’s proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, and stand in solidarity with our colleagues in the LGBTQ+ sector who are fighting for the rights of trans and non-binary people of all ages, faith backgrounds, sexual orientations and ethnicities. This includes, but is not limited to , GIRES, Imaan, Not Alone, Trans Bare All, Gendered Intelligence, Stonewall, Mermaids, Allsorts Youth Project, Communi-T and Action for Trans Health. 

Trans and non-binary rights are human rights and this is not up for debate, and akt will continue to be there for and support all trans and non-binary young people who need our support.

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