The government has opened a consultation looking into access to different types of public toilets for different groups.

We need to make sure that gender diverse, non-binary and trans peoples experiences of using public toilets are heard by the government.

You can help make this happen by submitting your response to the call for evidence by this Friday (26 February)

Your responses will not be published publicly and you can answer in as much detail as you like. It should take around ten minutes to complete. Public bathrooms are often the only immediate toilet facilities available to LGBTQ+ young people who are homeless or vulnerably housed. For gender-diverse, non-binary and trans young people in particular, accessing gendered public toilets can be a frightening and unsafe experience. This is unacceptable.

Everybody has the right to safely access toilets without fear, and should be able to choose between accessing gender-specific or gender-neutral facilities. The features of public toilets must also be reviewed so that they are safe and comfortable spaces for everybody, in particular gender diverse, non-binary and trans people.

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