Let’s start with the incredible people who ensure AKT continues to prevent lifetimes of homelessness through providing safe homes and support to the most vulnerable LGBTQ+ young people.

Thank you to all you wonderful volunteers, community partners, corporate supporters and donors who are so generous with your time, money and support. And here’s to our amazing, hardworking and passionate Staff and Trustees – thank you.

During summers as a teenager living in a small town in Lancashire, terrified to come out to my parents, I desperately wanted to be part of Pride. So, one year I ran off to London Pride for the weekend and found the Tim I wanted to be. From there I joined the LGBT youth group in Manchester and found my logical family, as Armistead Maupin says.

As we head through Pride season, I think of the thousands of young people who are terrified to tell their parents who they really are for fear of rejection or abuse, who will watch Pride from afar – possibly online.

This summer AKT’s #NoRoomForHate campaign is all about raising awareness and supporting those young people who need to find and connect with AKT. So, to those of you celebrating at Prides throughout the country, who are out and confident or are allies, please visit www.akt.org.uk/noroomforhate to find out more about how you can prevent youth homelessness this summer by helping AKT to reach and support even more young LGBTQ+ people.

I am excited to share with you our strategic plan which offers an ambitious approach for the coming years to ensure we reach more of the 24% of young people facing the threat of homelessness who identify as LGBTQ+. Besides remodelling our service offer in response to young people’s changing needs and stakeholder feedback, the strategy places high priority on campaigning, research and partnership working as key priorities to maximising our capacity to raise awareness of and prevent youth homelessness.  

To support our new strategy, we have remodelled and grown our staff team to make sure we have the capacity we need.

I am so proud and amazed by the incredible difference AKT makes to so many young people’s lives nationally - delivered by a small team of staff, supported by a passionate and talented group of volunteers and Trustees.

 Here you can meet and connect with the team. I am pleased to welcome new recruits Kate, who will be ensuring our volunteers are fully supported, and Zoe, who is leading on our youth engagement programme providing young people with opportunities to support our work and each other whilst learning new skills

Pride season offers AKT a huge opportunity to reach many more young people in need, secure new supporters and raise money; and we would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers, corporate sponsors, staff and trustees who are generously supporting AKT this summer Pride season. This is set to be our most successful and high-profile year.

I hope you enjoy this update from us and whatever you do this summer, please keep supporting our work.

Tim Sigsworth MBE

Chief Executive