We spoke to one of our akt Gala queens, Chamonix Aspen, about what she's most looking forward to and why everyone should support akt!

Tell us about the name Chamonix Aspen…

The name Chamonix Aspen conjures up images of late nights in the ski chalet enjoying the Apres Ski, lounging in glamorous hotel lobbies in padded shouldered jump suits, big glasses and fur hats.

We also hear you’ve made a bit of music, how would you describe your sound?

Chamonix takes well known songs and reworks them to suit her lifestyle, the men in her life and her favourite retail haunts. I love a good 80’s beat - D Train/Alexander O’Neal/S.O.S. Band. My current favourite track of mine is ‘Personal Shopper’, the dance remix 

You’re going to be part of akt’s exciting 80s-themed Gala next month. Have you thought about your look for the night yet?

My look could be a half/half tuxedo draped dress combo or Dynasty inspired gold lame pleated extravaganza. Whatever it is it will have big shoulders!

Why should people support the work that akt does?

Put yourself in the position of the young people that akt help. A scary and dangerous place to be. Everyone deserves a roof over their head and a place to call home. akt do an amazing job to make this happen.

For anybody who’s not been to a Chamonix show before, how would you describe it in three words? 

A Chamonix show is: Fun, Warm and Glamorous.

Finally, what is your favourite and least favourite thing about the 80s?

My favourite thing about the 80s is the beginning of the decade - the fashions, early Madonna and Blondie. My least favourite is the yuppie boom and Margaret Thatcher.

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