It is fair to say that it has been a journey to get to the report launch (May 2020- to April 2021 launch date to be exact), with a lot of trials, tribulations but also a lot of fun along the way. This has made me extra proud of the report and all of the hard work that has gone into it from teams across akt.  

Now when I’m attending a meeting with an MP or writing something up for press, I have an abundance of data that I can quote from the report to really evidence the need for policy change. I’m really confident that this report is going to help us improve things for young people.

Scoping out stage

So I started with scoping out areas that we wanted to cover in the survey. This involved myself and Chaka ( who delivered the interviews on our behalf), meeting with the Services team to pick out key areas of priority.

Designing the survey questions

After this was all decided, it then came to the fun part of developing questions around the areas of priority: familial abuse, awareness of support services etc. This involved a lot of back and forth between myself and YouGov to make sure that the questions were perfect.

Launching the survey and recruiting  

We then finally got to the stage of launching the survey - woo! To reach as many young people as possible, we contacted  other organisations to see if they could help us with promoting the survey. We did a similar thing for the interview recruitment. Charlie also did an amazing job in making sure that we were promoting the research on our socials throughout the whole process.

Waiting and waiting

The next couple of months involved Matt and I obsessively checking Crunch ( YouGov’s survey hosting platform) to see if we had the number of survey responses we needed to close the survey. Services will remember the weekly updates that Matt and I used to provide, which usually said something along the lines of ‘ we’re so close to closing the survey now.. one final push! ’.

Final stages before launch

After the interviews were completed, we were also in a position to finally close the survey. Matt and I then spent a lot of hours on the phone, going through the data from the survey and pulling together key quotes from the interviews that we wanted to use. This is where being in the office would have made things a lot easier, but we managed to get through it!

We then started to think about the structure of the report and took different sections to start writing. This involved a lot of rewriting and tweaking and getting others to also have a look through. We also met with Tim and Lucy to decide what policy recommendations we wanted to include.

Once this was ready Grahame was able to start working on the design, I remember being completely blown away when I got to see the preview! 

Charlie started planning our engagement on social, Bex on press and I started to think about policy makers.

After all of that the time, the week before launch felt weirdly calm. 

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