It’s vital that people experiencing homelessness are made a priority group in the second phase of the Government’s vaccination programme.

This is in-line with advice from the World Health Organisation and acknowledges the increased risk of contracting the virus that homeless people face, due to not having a safe and fixed place to stay home in. The health of people experiencing homelessness has been disproportionately impacted throughout the pandemic.

While we fully support the Government’s efforts so far to respond to this, with its ‘Everybody In’ housing scheme and recent commitments to register homeless people with GPs to enable vaccination, we need to go further. Placing people facing homelessness as a priority group in the next phase of the vaccination programme does this.

Over the coming months, akt will continue to work to ensure all LGBTQ+ young people who are facing homelessness, including young Black people and young people of colour who are disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 and health inequalities, are supported to be vaccinated and stay safe and well.

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