This manifesto recommends actions for the prospective next Mayor of London to commit to that will make a significant difference to the lives of the most disadvantaged LGBTIQA+ people in the Capital. It will show an understanding and commitment to LGBTIQA+ citizens that goes far beyond the City Hall Pride reception. 


  • There is a chronic lack of provision of LGBTIQA+ community housing in London reflecting an absence of understanding the specific issues, needs and disadvantages facing many LGBTIQA+ citizens. This historic deficiency of awareness and investment must be rectified through the creation of a London-wide pathway which is distinct from mainstream services (current services that are not identity specific) and is based on the expertise of all parts of the LGBTIQA+ community.
  • We have used the latest available statistics in this manifesto to highlight the issues but we acknowledge that these often do not include many members of our communities as they can be limited to what has been collected by government agencies. Therefore throughout this manifesto you will see varying use of the acronym LGBTQIA+ related to the research referenced. This demonstrates the gaps in research and data collection for our community.
  • London has the highest proportion of people who openly identify as LGB in the UK, estimated to be at least 450,000 citizens (5.1% percent of the population in 2017).
  • Nearly one in five LGBT people (18%) including 25% of trans people and 28% of LGBT disabled people, have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives.
  • Almost one quarter (24%) of young people facing or experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTQ+
  • A quarter (25%) of older LGBT+ Londoners have a disability or health issue that required specific housing; 57% of whom had no care or support provision and 64% of whom said their housing did not meet their needs.
  • There are only 77 LGBTQIA+ specific community housing bed spaces in the Capital. 

We ask the next prospective mayor of London to:

1. Produce an LGBTIQA+ housing strategy for London

2. Work with local councils to build a London-wide support pathway of accommodation and support services forLGBTQIA+ people

3. Create a greater London authority portfolio role for LGBTIQA+ housing

4. Fund LGBTIQA+ awareness training for commissioners and delivery staff

5. Establish a coordinated approach to data collection to evidence need and impact

6. Embed community-led principles in all of these actions to ensure there is ‘nothing about us without us’ with appropriate funding to facilitate this

7. Ensure that LGBTIQA+ housing and community organisations are meaningfully involved in the design and implementation of the London recovery programme

London LGBTQIA+ Community Housing Coaltion