LGBT History Month aims to increase the visibility of LGBT+ people and experiences through the curriculum and other educational sectors, as well as in the wider community.

Many young people know little about LGBT+ history, so the month is a crucial way to educate, inform and empower young people who may be at a stage in their life when they are confused about their sexuality or coming to terms with it. LGBT History Month also helps provide teachers with resources which helps ensure their students work in a safe space for LGBT+ people.

As part of LGBT History Month, AKT travelled across the UK delivering talks in schools and providing valuable resources such as posters and leaflets with crucial contact information. We presented to packed assembly halls and spread awareness of LGBT+ history and youth homelessness.

AKT kicked off its LGBT History Month outreach project with a presentation at South Hampstead High School.  Members of the fundraising team, Carrie Reiners and Claire Linacre, presented to 750 girls on 29th January around key moments of the fight for equality, youth homelessness and what AKT are doing to prevent it.  AKT were invited by members of the SHHS Pride Club as part of their LGBT Week which consisted of five talks throughout the week, daily bake sales and sales of rainbow laces to benefit our work.  The Head even approved the rainbow laces as part of the school uniform for the week!

We'd like to thank all the schools and universities for hosting us, and for their continuing support!