As we remain in lockdown, akt has continued to see a high volume of young people come to us needing support, either because they are homeless or because their living situation at home is becoming increasingly volatile.

The Services team has managed to keep on top of this workload, rehousing more rough sleepers than we possibly ever have done in this short period of time. Our switch to virtual (‘remote’) working has also helped us to be effective in supporting young people outside of our main regions and allowed us to help vulnerable LGBTQ+ young people across the UK. For most people, lifting lockdown is the light at the end of the tunnel. However, at akt, we know that what we’re seeing and what young people are experiencing now is just the beginning.

Post-lockdown, we expect many of the hostile and abusive parents and families to tell their LGBTQ+ children to leave.

This will lead to a spike in homelessness, including rough sleeping, as their friends might feel uncomfortable letting people sleep on the couch as we remain in social distancing. And for LGBTQ+ young people who were struggling to survive before lockdown, on zero hours contracts or self-employed, we expect them to be impacted by a rent debt crisis. Times are hard, but this is only the beginning for what our young people are going through, and we’re starting to make preparations to ensure we can be there and help them every step of the way.