Our staff member Hannah gives us her lockdown-and-beyond wellbeing tips!

Create boundaries between “work” and “home”.  I’ve always struggled to stop resonating about work through the evening, but when it’s all in the same place that’s even harder, so I’m really strict about work time and non-work time.  I have set up a designated workspace at home, don’t have my emails on my personal phone, and I find that little things like changing my clothes when I finish work for the day really help me to switch off.

Mentally go through a daily “gratitude countdown” every morning.  There’s lots of interesting science about the health benefits of gratitude practices and how they can rewire your brain away from its natural negativity bias.  Doing a gratitude countdown every morning has really helped me recognise that even on difficult days there are always things I have to be thankful for.

I never thought I’d say it but I love my daily walks; I’ve got to know my local neighbourhood much more over the last twelve months while making sure I get bit of exercise into my day.

Finding ways and times to switch off throughout my day, like a short meditation at lunchtime, yoga in the evening.  Bonus wellness points if it’s screen-free!

Schedule in three little things each day that I enjoy and can look forward to (like coffee & cake or the new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Talk to friends and stay connected.  I’ve actually probably seen more of my family over the last twelve months through a screen than I would have done IRL.  Imagine this lockdown had happened before video calls!

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