‘Eviction ban’ to be extended - but more still needs to be done

On Friday 21st August, the government announced that they will be extending the pause on evictions for a month and would be introducing 6 month notice periods. We welcome the government’s announcement, however, we are deeply concerned that this will not be enough to protect our young people, who are private renters. When parliament resumes in September, more needs to be done to protect our young people who risk becoming homeless because of rent arrears. There is widespread agreement in the housing and homelessness sector that judges need to be given more powers to prevent evictions because of the rise of rent arrears. More also needs to be done to make renting more secure and affordable.

We know that LGBTQ+ youth have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, facing financial insecurity after losing their jobs, reduced hours or facing barriers to accessing welfare when it was needed. This has meant that many of our young people have struggled to pay their rent and sometimes akt have stepped in to provide assistance.

While dealing with the pandemic, our young people have also had to cope with the rise of transphobia in the last few months.  Many will have been forced to stay in hostile and abusive environments due to lockdown. The trauma experienced by LGBTQ+ youth may have an impact that goes beyond the pandemic.  

Covid-19 has also further highlighted racial inequalities. During the pandemic we have worked with black male LGBTQ+ rough sleepers who have been subjected to stop and search. They have been ‘moved on’ so frequently by the police, preventing them from getting the support they need.

Covid-19 is not over, neither is the impact that it has on LGBTQ+ youth. The discrimination that LGBTQ+ youth face, particularly if they are black, POC or trans, on an everyday basis is also not over.  Our young people should not now have to worry about whether they will be kicked out of their home.

We will be monitoring the situation very closely and will be working with partner organisations in the homelessness, youth, health and LGBTQ+ sector to protect our young people.

No one should ever have to face homelessness, especially not during a pandemic.

Information for young people

When you make a referral, akt can provide you with specialised support. For some useful and quick information refer to The Citizen's Advice webpage. It has clear and up to date information on what you should do if you are facing eviction during the pandemic.

The webpage includes important information on:

  • Your rights based on your tenancy type
  • Your rights as a lodger
  • What an illegal eviction looks like
  • What to do if you are shielding

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