Today, the one month pause on evictions officially ends.

From our interactions and casework with young people on the impact of COVID-19, we know that joblessness and financial insecurity has meant that many are worried about their ability to pay their rent or are simply unable to pay their rent. This has had a huge impact on the mental health of our young people, many of whom are already dealing with trauma from facing homelessness or from living in hostile and abusive environments.

We fully support Shelter in their call to government to extend the pause on evictions, provide financial support for renters who are struggling with rental arrears and to commit to comprehensive social housing building programme. By committing to these actions, we can prevent a surge of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness. We understand that this is distressing news for our young people and they will be worried about what this means for them.

Although courts will now be able to start to process eviction cases, this does not mean that you will be evicted immediately.

From the 29 August the government announced that most tenants will need to be given a 6 months’ notice, unless:

  • You have more than 6 months of rental arrears. This means you will only be entitled to 4 weeks’ notice.
  • You are facing eviction because of anti-social behaviour. This means you will be entitled to very little or no notice at all.

Please refer to Shelter’s guidance on this issue for quick advice, which also explains the legal process of evictions. We will continue to work with partner organisations across the youth, homelessness, health and LGBTQ+ sector and will monitor the situation very closely.

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