The Home Office’s new immigration policy will see non-UK nationals who are rough sleeping now at risk of deportation as of 1st December 2020. akt are extremely concerned for the negative implications this policy will have on LGBTQ+ young people who are already more vulnerable to experience rough sleeping on account of discrimination based on their gender, sexual orientation or race.

Under the Home Office’s new immigration rules, non-UK nationals who are rough sleeping could now face deportation. akt strongly disapproves of this policy and akt CEO Tim made the following statement: 

"LGBTQ+ young people experiencing homelessness already face significant barriers to accessing support because of institutionalised homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. For LGBTQ+ young people with no recourse to public funds these barriers are even higher. For many, their immigration status means that they are effectively  forced into rough sleeping because of the lack of support available. 

When rough sleeping if they are person of colour, they are more likely to be subjected to discriminatory practises such as Stop and Search which acts as another barrier to getting support. Simply being LGBTQ+ means that rough sleeping presents an additional risk to personal safety.

In a time where more young people are at risk of experiencing homelessness because of the pandemic, we should be exercising compassion and focusing on ways to alleviate the barriers to accessing support for those experiencing homelessness. We should also be recognising the heightened risks that marginalised groups face when experiencing homelessness. This policy does the opposite by effectively punishing those who seek support. For many of our young people deportation could potentially mean that they are being returned to environments where their safety is at risk.

This is simply harmful and does nothing to build upon the recent policies and programmes designed to support those rough sleeping such as Everyone In.

We will continue to support LGBTQ+ young people experiencing any form of homelessness irrespective of their immigration status. We strongly urge the government to reconsider and do the same.

For any young person worried about this news, we are here for you.”

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