The Albert Kennedy Trust works with a variety of corporate partners to deliver and create our vital services and unique event. 

We are pleased to welcome Dwell to our growing list of supporters.  Dwell’s founder, Aamir Ahmad, has a long history with AKT and served as a trustee and a carer during the early years of AKT’s arrival in London. Dwell’s unique partnership with AKT will be focused on providing and updating furniture for our Purple Door projects in London and Newcastle. 

We have a constant need to refresh our furnishings in both common areas and individual bedrooms and we are so thankful for Dwell stepping forward with this vital and unique support.  Our young people in London’s Purple Door are looking forward to visit from a team from Dwell who will help make our new property feel like home.  Dwell will also work with AKT to help provide necessary items for our Rainbow Starter Packs which assist young people who are moving into independent living. 

Aamir says, “AKT’s work with young people is so impactful and the service they offer is completely unique.  I became a carer with AKT over 20 years ago and saw first hand how many young people had been abandoned by the people around them and how they had no one else to turn to.  For these vulnerable people AKT are a lifeline.  Anything we can do to help these young people in need makes a huge difference and frankly for all the changes in society if we don’t then no one else will.

I am delighted that through Dwell we can help AKT’s Purple Door project, giving young people a safe place to stay and giving them some stability in their lives.  

Aamir is pictured with Jo, his first carer placement on her graduation day in October.  Congratulations, Jo and many thanks to Dwell!

Information about our corporate partnership programme can be found, here