In February, across our three cities we held our annual AKT Roadshow consultation events, providing an opportunity to take the temperature of the organisation from our stakeholders’ perspectives.

Attended by volunteers, supporters, funders and partners from corporate and voluntary organisations, people shared many positive thoughts, ideas and creative ways to move AKT forward. 

We are currently working on an action plan incorporating the recommendations. The key themes which came through were that AKT should:

  • Do more outreach to promote our work online / offline across education, health, social care, to parliamentarians, corporate sector and voluntary sector - utilising our partners across the public and private sector to do so
  • Increase capacity through more staff and volunteers to meet need; especially volunteer management
  • Improve internal IT / administration systems
  • Make better use of your corporate and individual volunteers, starting with a skills audit
  • Expand what you do 

Here are some of the insights from attendees at the events.

Why do you choose to support AKT?

  • "Your work inspires me to want to give back." Volunteer (London)
  • "AKT are brilliant. You are responsive, supportive and helpful. You are amazing, always answering queries and really approachable." Community partner organisation (Manchester)
  • "I have heard so many positive things from my colleagues – glad to help." Corporate Partner (London)
  • "(organisations) can trust AKT and be assured young people will be safe and supported." Community Partner Organisation (Newcastle)
  • "AKT are brilliant. You are responsive, supportive and helpful. You are amazing, always answering queries and really approachable." Community Partner Organisation (Manchester)
  • "When we meet AKT’s young ambassadors, we are always impressed. An ambassador spoke at one of our events and they spoke really well. YP ambassadors give corporates the opportunity to engage with young people." Corporate Supporter (London) 
  • "AKT is local but also national - inter-AKT helped us see that. We are happy to support your work with funding." Corporate Partner (Manchester)
  • "AKT is the most reputable organisation. AKT isn’t spread too thinly, our students talk positively about AKT and you have a good reputation." Public Sector Partner – College (Manchester)

How could you improve things at AKT?

  • "AKT should share their practice more, especially in the homelessness sector. AKT could help organisations across Manchester work better with LGBT YP." Community Partner Organisation (Manchester)
  • "Work more pan-Greater Manchester rather than being city of Manchester focussed." Volunteer (Manchester)
  • "Improve communication with volunteers’ ‘Get a someone to manage volunteering at AKT." Various volunteers and Corporate Supporters (Manchester and Newcastle)
  • "There are too many entry points on your website. It needs two clear routes…one for young people and supporters." Corporate Supporter (London)
  • "More sharing of young peoples’ stories." Various attendees (Manchester,Newcastle and London)
  • "Centralised national number / texting or WhatsApp service for young people." Various (Newcastle, Manchester, London)
  • "Engage with professionals who can share your work’ and ‘Printed resources (credit card sized) or posters we can distribute through our networks." Various Community Partners (Manchester, Newcastle)
  • "Make more of your young Ambassadors." Various
  • "Talk to health professionals and in schools." Various (Manchester and Newcastle)

What are the risks and threats to AKT?

  • "Keeping up with demand for our services from young people, capacity could become an issue." Various (London, Manchester, Newcastle)
  • "Rise in homelessness nationally." Various (London, Manchester, Newcastle)
  • "Other services are shrinking, puts more pressure on AKT." Community partners organisation (Newcastle)
  • "Need to attract more (and keep) volunteers." Volunteer (Newcastle)
  • "Negative Stories about charities." Various (London, Newcastle, Manchester)

If you would like to support our work and help prevent youth homelessness, you can volunteer, donate or share our work with people who might need us. Why not share these two messages...

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