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Today we're celebrating and spreading awareness of our work in the North East!

akt in the North East supports LGBTQ+ young people (16-25) who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. We have a dedicated team based in Newcastle that work closely with LGBTQ+ young people, offering them the support and safety they deserve. We celebrate the wide spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities and can support young people with:

  • Advice and guidance
  • One to one case work
  • Floating support - help managing your home
  • Host placements
  • Mentoring
  • Rainbow Starter Pack – financial support to find secure accommodation
  • Live chat
  • Signposting and referrals into specialist services
  • Online peer support groups

"akt is like a family, they help you gain your confidence back and give you the tools you need to achieve anything you want in life." - service user in the north east

We spoke to Lewis, one of our Case Workers in Newcastle:

How does akt support young LGBTQ+ people?

akt supports young LGBTQ+ people in a variety of ways depending on their situation and what support they want to access. It could be practical support to find housing or help with essential items for their home.  Some young people get support while they are living in a hostile environment in order to manage this safely. akt gives young people a space to be themselves when this might not be possible in their home.  We have a brilliant Youth Engagement programme for those that are interested in attending groups  and meeting other young LGBTQ+ people. In Newcastle we are currently training peer mentors who can also support and encourage young people to achieve their goals!

What is something you would say to a young person who is nervous to reach out to akt?

I would say I understand that it might feel like a big step but we are here to support you. We can communicate in the way you’re most comfortable with and we’ll work together to come up with a  support plan to help you get to where you want to be.

What is your favourite memory at akt?

I’ve been an akt for about a year and most of that has been spent working remotely from home, so a good memory was seeing colleagues and young people in person before the first restrictions came in.

What is your favourite thing about working at akt?

My favourite thing about working at akt is that everyone here really cares about LGBTQ+ young people.

What is your favourite thing about the LGBTQ+ scene in the North East?

My favourite thing about the LGBTQ+ scene in Newcastle are the queer arts events and projects that happen in the region. I’m a board member at Curious Arts and the Curious Festival is always a highlight for me!

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