Thanks to funding from the Community Foundation in Tyne and Wear Northumberland, AKT's young people had the chance to see the musical Hairspray!

Here's what some of our young people had to say:

“That was brilliant!

“I just feel like dancing!”

“This is my favourite show!”

“I can’t stop smiling!”

One young person came up and hugged a staff member as soon as they got out:

“That was amazing, thank you so much for inviting me!"

“I love how close we were, I’ve never seen the stage like that. I’ve been before and I was so far up and at the back that I could hardly see anything- it’s completely different sitting at the front!”

Feedback the day after:

“I really, really enjoyed the show and I’d say its peaked my interest in drama again and I’ve decided I’m definitely going to join a drama group.  I also think its helped my partner to deal with my obsession with drama!”

“I enjoyed the show and I’m thinking about helping out at a drama group to do stage crew.”

“Fantastic show, great humour, something I could watch again and again and never get bored, amazing cast!”

“It was so nice to meet everyone, thanks for a really good night!"

“It was a really nice gesture and gave me a really nice night so thank you very much. It’s got us both wanting to go to more. It was awesome!”