The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), the UK’s LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity, is excited to announce that three new high-profile influencers are joining the charity as Patrons.

Actor Simon Callow, fashion designer Henry Holland and trans writer and activist Jake Graf have all demonstrated tremendous support for the work of AKT over the years, and as we prepare to celebrate Pride in London and deliver our message of #NoRoomForHate, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them on board. They share, wholeheartedly, our belief that no young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.

Fashion Designer HENRY HOLLAND (right) said: “The older I get the more I care about certain issues and any cause linked with the LGBT community has a massive resonance with me. I had the most privileged outcome to my coming
out and I never once had any issues surrounding that and my Mum is a huge fag-hag and self proclaimed gay icon so it was never an issue to me. For me that’s the normal and feel that’s what it should be for everyone and so it really shocks me and upsets me to hear that other peoples experiences are the antithesis of that. I feel that the work that AKT do to help and support those who experience rejection is so vital.”

Trans writer and activist JAKE GRAF added: “It’s a huge honour to be a patron for AKT – with more trans people in the media a lot of young trans people are finding the strength and courage to come out. However because of that it does mean that a lot more young people are being kicked out of home. For me to be able to be a trans male voice when there are so few is a great honour. When you see a charity like AKT who are very small but doing so much good and often being a beacon of light to the young people who need it – it’s so great to be involved and it’s a role that I take very seriously.”

Actor SIMON CALLOW is a long-time supporter of AKT and frequently donates his time to help us raise vital funds, attend our events and help get our important messages out to influencers and young people. 

Tim Sigsworth MBE, Chief Executive of The Albert Kennedy Trust, said: “As the national LGBT youth homelessness charity, we need to ensure that we keep the issue of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness high on the agenda. I’m thrilled that Simon, Henry and Jake have agreed to officially join AKT and continue their groundbreaking and influential work in helping The Albert Kennedy Trust support vulnerable young LGBTQ+ people.”

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