At times of uncertainty and fear, kindness and generosity are vital, in akt CEO Tim Sigsworth and Chair Terry Stacyparticular toward the most vulnerable in society.

We have seen in the past how our community and allies have come together in the face of a pandemic, to provide love, resources and financial support to those who need it, to guarantee the best care and support.

Here at akt, we are continuing to receive a high volume of referrals, including more vulnerable LGBTQ+ people under the age of 18. At a time where LGBTQ+ young people who are living in abusive or hostile environments are having to self-isolate, their safety and wellbeing may be more at risk than ever before.

Our staff and volunteers are continuing to work hard to provide vital advice and support to every LGBTQ+ young person facing homelessness who need us, many who have experienced abuse and rejection from their families. We have been utilising our live chat, e-mentoring and online hubs to help do this to ensure we are there when our young people need us whilst keeping them and our staff safe. This will include utilising Instagram Live to deliver youth engagement work, to support the mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable LGBTQ+ young people who are feeling the impact of social isolation.

akt also continues to provide care and support to those LGBTQ+ young people living in akt’s Purple Door safe house, or staying with our hosts, to ensure their safety and welfare at this time.

We have learned from experience, as a community, that we’re strongest when we are #aktogether.  

Young LGBTQ+ people facing homelessness need your help now more than ever. Learn how you can support our work here.

I hope you are staying safe and that you and your loved ones are continuing to support one another and finding reasons to smile. Until next time we talk, I look forward to celebrating with you at the end of this uncertain and challenging time.

Tim Sigsworth MBE, Chief Executive of akt                                  

Terry Stacy, akt Chair

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