“the best feeling in the world is knowing there’s someone by your side”

- Young person accessing akt mentoring, 2021

The pandemic has had a significant impact on LGBTQ+ young people; at akt we have see an 118% increase in referrals to our services during the first lockdown, compared to the same period in 2019 with referrals continuing to be the highest they’ve ever been.

akt mentors provide one-to-one support to LGBTQ+ young people accessing our services, support which is proving vital at a time when young people are feeling increasingly isolated.

A mentor will seek to build and maintain a relationship with a young person, plan and encourage them to take their own actions with the aim of helping them to grow and lead a fulfilling and independent life. For example, this could include supporting a young trans person through the coming out process, supporting a young person through an unstable housing situation (e.g. having just been kicked out of home, or managing a hostile home environment), providing guidance around applying for jobs or university or working with the young person to manage their finances better

“life has made me realise that the best cure for pain and suffering is to talk to someone.. to have someone who cares for your wellbeing. That way you can truly be free from the weight that lives on your shoulders, that way you can truly live.”

- Young person accessing akt mentoring, 2021

We are looking for volunteers aged 25+ based in the North West to join our mentoring programme. You’ll be matched with a young person who is accessing our services and you will be supported throughout your time as a mentor by a member of our Services Team.

akt is committed to being an inclusive environment for staff, volunteers and our young people and we aim to represent the diverse communities we serve.

Part of the aim of our mentoring programme is to offer our young people a choice of mentors from a range of backgrounds, communities and demographics. We believe that a young person can thrive when given the opportunity to connect with someone they identify with in this setting. Nationally 63% of young people accessing our services identify as people of colour, in the North West last quarter 41% of young people identified as trans and 47% as having a disability.

The following identities are currently under-represented in our mentor cohort:

  • Trans and non-binary
  • Black, Brown and People of Colour
  • Women
  • People with lived experience of homelessness

We are happy to discuss any reasonable adjustments you may require during the application process or once you start volunteering with us.

Please note: we are currently looking for volunteers based within travelling distance of Manchester city centre. We can discuss the possibility of remote mentoring if you’re based elsewhere in the North West.

Training for this role is due to take place in September 2022.

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