Thank you so much for wanting to support us during these strange times. Now more than ever, we need your help to ensure LGBTQ+ young people facing homelessness have food, shelter and all the other essentials we often take for granted.

What can you do to help?

Some fun ideas:

  • Throw a virtual pub quiz with friends online using Zoom or your on your Instagram story - we've put some templates for you to download and use at the bottom of the page
  • Hold a bake off at home with family or housemates
  • Set yourself an indoor challenge and ask other people to sponsor you!
  • Host an online drag show over Zoom

If you’d rather support us solo, please consider donating what you’d have spent on coffee that week, or perhaps your travel card. Let your imagination run wild and we’ll help you wherever we can!

Click here to make a donation

How to donate

If you’re asking people to donate toward your event, please set up and use a JustGiving page, or create a Facebook Fundraiser.

(Please make sure your event is “in support of” akt, rather than "on behalf of”, so people know it’s a third-party fundraiser!)


Instagram quiz templates

Zoom backgrounds

Instagram quizzes are a fun and easy way to raise funds for akt!

Email [email protected] for any fundraising questions!

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