Homelessness and insecure housing disproportionately affect all LGBTQ+ people, irrespective of age. However, increasing the visibility of LGBTQ+ people in housing services remains a challenge. Our report looks at how and where LGBTQ+ people are considered in the design and delivery of housing services. We heard directly from local authorities and housing associations, to understand how we can develop a more responsive and inclusive housing sector.

Key findings include:

Most organisations surveyed feel that their understanding of the proportion of people who use their service who identify as lesbian, gay, and bisexual is more accurate (55 per cent) than trans and non-binary people (45 per cent).

  • Interviewees identified issues relating to individual disclosure of sexual orientation and gender identity as the main barriers to improving data collection on LGBTQ+ homelessness.

More than eight out of ten (85 per cent) organisations surveyed say that their data capture could be improved to be more inclusive of a range of gender identities. 

  • Interviewees felt existing data categories on gender identity are restrictive.

Perceptions in confidence to support LGBTQ+ people are high.

  • Net confidence ratings for supporting lesbian people (93 per cent), gay (93 per cent), bisexual (94 per cent), trans (90 per cent) and non-binary (84 per cent) people.

More than two fifths (44 per cent) of those surveyed have not received training on LGBTQ+ inclusion or LGBTQ+ homelessness.

Nearly one fifth (19 per cent) of organisations do not reference LGBTQ+ homelessness or LGBTQ+ youth homelessness in any of their policies, procedures, and strategies and 18% were not aware.

  • Interviewees highlighted gaps in staff knowledge of LGBTQ+ homelessness and LGBTQ+ identities as obstacles to delivering consistent inclusive services.

Just 15 per cent of the organisations surveyed tailor their communications to reach LGBTQ+ communities.

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