I'm originally from South Africa. I have been living in the UK since 2008 as an unaccompanied minor (asylum system), when I was 16 years old.

I’m a care leaver supported by London Wandsworth local authorities. My life has not been easy growing up because I have faced different challenges but the spirit of courageousness never left my side, rather it made me a very ambitious person who is confident, keen to articulate and to progress to the next level. 

I have been part of AKT since 2011. They were the the first organisation that made me understand more about how LGBT lives matter, they helped me emotionally and physically showing me that I was not alone and at that time there were only two of us living openly as lesbian and it transformed me while studying at college in Enfield. I was involved in different activities standing up for students, which even lead me to be nominated to go to Leeds to attend the NUS conference 2013, where I was elected to be an LGBTQ+ rep. I gained so much self-confidence wanting to help those who are shy to express themselves as LGBTQ+. 

In 2015 AKT helped as well with my transitioning from Female to Male by being supportive and helping me meet the outcomes of my transitioning.

I became more closer to AKT, and now I see it not just as an organisation but as family. I enjoy helping out and bringing equality forward, I'm currently an AKT Young Ambassador which is really astonishing. I’m currently studying Human Biology and Infectious diseases BSc(HONS) going into my final year at University of Salford.