The government has developed a scheme called Gift Aid in order to allow charities to claim money from HMRC. Through Gift Aid, for every £1 you donate, we could claim 25p from the government. If you give £50, that means we receive an extra £12.50 – it really adds up!

However, only some people are eligible to make the Gift Aid declarations that allow us to claim this money. Please be sure that you are eligible before ticking the box on our web form. It is the donor’s responsibility to pay back HMRC, not the charity’s, if you get this wrong!

Your eligibility:

  • You are a UK taxpayer
  • This financial year, you’ll pay at least as much income tax as we would receive in Gift Aid on your donation. For example, if you give £50, to sign a Gift Aid declaration you must pay £12.50 or more this year in income tax.

Your donation must also be eligible. That means:

  • Your donation is your own money! We cannot claim on money earned through goods and services or collections. That includes bake sales, family collections and charity events. If you are fundraising this way, please consider setting up a JustGiving page so your donors can make their own Gift Aid declarations.
  • Your home address and the name you pay taxes under are the address and name you gave when you donated. This is important because we claim Gift Aid through our website, not intermediaries like Paypal. You can put the name you use in the ‘notes’ section so that we know how to address you if we need to contact you, but you must put the name HMRC recognises you by on your donation if you would like us to claim Gift Aid.

By ticking the Gift Aid box, you are asking for a single donation to be Gift Aided. You can also email us at [email protected] to ask for your declaration to apply to donations made in the past four financial years, and/or to all donations you make in the future. If you ask for this, remember, you need to be eligible for every year that we claim on a donation:

  • If you ask us to claim on the past four years, you must have been eligible for the past four financial years. For example, if you didn’t pay any income tax last year, you can’t ask akt to claim on donations made during that year. If you want us to claim Gift Aid for some but not all old donations, let us know.
  • If you ask us to claim on future donations and your circumstances change, you must tell us. Whether you move home, change your name, or stop paying income tax, please let us know. We cannot keep claiming Gift Aid using a declaration that has become inaccurate, and if we do, it will be your responsibility to pay HMRC back for invalid claims.


I have a joint bank account and only one of us is eligible for a Gift Aid declaration. Can you claim Gift Aid on my donation?

The Gift Aid declaration on a donation from a joint account should be made by the eligible donor on their own behalf. Please don’t tick the box if your partner is eligible but you aren’t. You can tick the box if you are eligible and they aren’t. Please only put your own name on the donation form.

I run a small business and donate a percentage of the proceeds. Can you claim Gift Aid on my donation?

No, we can’t. Please do not tick the Gift Aid box!

I held an event and donated the money I collected to you. Can you claim Gift Aid on my donation?

In general, no. If, during a public event, you collected cash in donation tins and sent it directly to akt to be deposited at the bank, we can claim on this amount using HMRC's Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme (GASDS), so long as it was not earned from an entry fee or the selling of goods or services. Regardless, do not make a declaration!

My family raised money for my birthday and we donated it to akt as a lump sum. Can you claim Gift Aid on my donation?

No, we can't. We can only claim on donations from individuals. If you would like us to claim Gift Aid on these donations, please have each donor send their donation separately or consider setting up a JustGiving page.

Why have you contacted me about Gift Aid? I signed a declaration years ago.

There are several reasons for this. Guidance from HMRC on Gift Aid declarations changes regularly, so we must ensure you have signed a declaration with up to date wording. HMRC suggests that we contact you regularly to ensure that your circumstances have not changed. Finally, there is a very small chance that we cannot locate your original form, in particular if it is many years old.

I would like you to remove me from your database. Does this interfere with Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is an exception to the Right to be Forgotten under GDPR. We have a legal obligation to keep your Gift Aid information for the Gift Aid liability period: the remainder of the current financial year and the following four financial years after your declaration is signed.

How do I get in touch to tell you that my circumstances have changed or to ask for more information?

Email us at [email protected].

I ticked the box when I shouldn’t have!

Please email our website provider and Gift Aid intermediary, Access, at [email protected], or mail Access at The Old School, School Lane, Stratford St Mary, Colchester, Essex, CO7 6LZ.  If we have already claimed Gift Aid on your donation, you are liable for repaying HMRC, so contact Access immediately if you have any concerns.