Here at AKT we want to make sure fundraising is FUN, but your safety and wellbeing is our main priority.

Please follow these guidelines and the various rules and regulations surrounding fundraising, together with any Health and Safety regulations that apply when organising and holding your event.


When fundraising for akt please make sure that it is clear that you are raising funds specifically for akt and that your activities are being performed in a personal capacity, and have not been organised by nor are they representing the charity in an official capacity. The charity cannot accept any responsibility for your event and/or anyone who participates in it. We advise that all fundraisers seek advice regarding public liability insurance if your event involves the general public.

Cash Collections

All street collections or collections on public property need to be registered with your local authority. Providing your event meets the criteria the authority should issue you with a collection licence. When you have obtained your licence, please send a copy of the licence to the Fundraising Officer at [email protected] so that we have a record on file. 

Please do not fundraise by doing any door to door collections or requesting sponsorship in aid of akt due to the various legal liabilities and personal safety issues.

Raffles and Lotteries

These are excellent ways of raising funds with minimal costs, however these methods fall under the strict laws relating to all lotteries and in some cases require a specific licence from your local authority.

To make sure that your raffle is legal, please check the guidelines issued by the Gambling Commission by visiting their website:

Incidental Lotteries

The simplest way to run a raffle is to organise it as an additional fundraising activity at an event you are already arranging. By doing so, you then meet the criteria of Incidental Lottery and therefore do not need to obtain a licence, provided you adhere to the steps listed below. This is the akt preferred way of running raffles.

To make your raffle more interesting you could design and produce your own raffle tickets to sell or alternatively you can use the traditional cloakroom style tickets for your raffle.

Make sure your raffle conforms to these steps:

  • The selling of raffle tickets and the resulting draw must both take place during the event
  • All tickets must cost the same, no discounted multi ticket purchase is allowed (i.e. you cannot sell five £1 tickets for £4)
  • No children under 16 are allowed to sell or buy tickets
  • If you have to purchase any prizes for the raffle (to maximize the funds raised it's always preferable to get them donated) the maximum amount you are allowed to spend is £500

The above information is for guidance only and does not represent in any way legal advice, for the most up-to-date information or if you have any doubts about the ‘raffle’ you are organising, please check the gambling commission website. akt do not accept any liability for any errors made by the organisers of any such raffle run in aid of the charity. 

Health and safety

Please make sure that your event is organised efficiently and safely by completing a risk assessment and considering what insurance cover or any special licences you may require from your local authority e.g. a public entertainment licence, a music licence or an alcohol licence.

All promotions of your event/activity should clearly state whether all the funds raised at your event will be going to the akt or whether a proportion of the money will be used to cover any of the costs incurred.

Please refer to the Health and Safety Executive website for advice and guidance about your event. If you intend to sell food you are also advised to contact the Environmental Health department at your local authority.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]