Its an age old question, what to put on your wedding or birthday gift list especially if you have most of the things you need, well here is the answer - ask for donations to The Albert Kennedy Trust Gift List.

By donating to AKT, you and your guests can give the gift of practical and meaningful help to the many vulnerbale and/or homeless young LGBT people across the country that are currently seeking our assistance.

So if you would like to have an AKT 'Gift List' then please complete our Celebration Registration Form below and we will be in touch. Our Gift List will give you details of what the donations will help us provide for you to share with your guests. In addition, we will send you a regular update on the amounts you have raised and after the happy event, a final list of all your guests that have donated so you can thank them as well.

Thank you for donating in this way and from everyone at AKT, Congratulations.