Like you, we believe that no young person should have to choose between who they are and a safe place to live.


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Your donation will help LGBT young people in crisis. Here's how your contribution could make a real difference:

£9.99 can help keep a LGBT young person safe. A basic mobile with credit can be the difference between staying connected, and feeling isolated, cut off and unsafe.

£25 keeps a young person safe for one night in LGBT friendly accommodation when homeless or facing abuse just for being who they are.  

£34.99 can pay for a basic smartphone, which is no luxury for homeless LGBT young people; it can be essential for keeping safe and connected with vital support, like our services team and digital mentors.

£50 provides a young person with an Emergency Support Pack, which includes three nights’ accommodation, bedding, toiletries, mobile phone top-up, food vouchers and travel allowance.

£100 will provide travel expenses for a young person outside London to attend our annual youth conference.

£250 contributes towards a Rainbow Starter Pack to assist a young person with necessary items as they move into independent living after their time with us.

Purple Circle is a motivated group of individuals who take an active interest in our work and wish to demonstrate their commitment in a generous and involved way. You can join our Purple Circle with a regular donation of £50 a month or a regular annual gift of £600 or more.