As a volunteer Digital Mentor at the Albert Kennedy Trust you will provide support, guidance and practical help to LGBTQ young people through a digital platform so that these young people can address challenges, work towards achieving their goals and realise their potential.

  • Provide advice and support to young people on AKT’s digital platform, primarily in the form of mentoring sessions.
  • Work with young people to identify and set achievable goals, providing suitable support, guidance, signposting and encouragement.
  • Build rapport and establish appropriate boundaries with young people, respecting young people’s opinions, feelings, lifestyles, and avoiding making assumptions and judgements.
  • Participate in initial and ongoing training, delivered through a mixture of online and face to face activity.
  • Maintain records as required by AKT.
  • Participate in regular review sessions with AKT staff to receive support, troubleshoot and contribute to the ongoing improvement of the digital service.
  • Adhere to AKT’s safeguarding policies and procedures.  

Volunteers should meet the following criteria

Knowledge and experience

  • Experience working with young people in a supportive environment.
  • Awareness of the range of possible issues that may be presented by young people seeking support on AKT’s digital services.
  • Life experience of some of the issues young people seeking support on AKT’s digital services might be facing.
  • Experience of establishing boundaries and building structured supportive relationships.


  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Strong verbal, written and digital communication skills.
  • Empathy with young people’s situations, feelings and concerns.
  • Interpersonal skills with an ability to build rapport, enthusiasm and positivity.
  • Problem solving and exploration skills.
  • Ability to establish boundaries and build structured supportive relationships
  • Organisation, planning and time management skills.


  • Encouraging and supportive.
  • Solution- and opportunity-focused.
  • Emotionally resilient.
  • Non-judgemental, leaving assumptions at the door.
  • Reliable.
  • Non-directive.
  • Adaptable and flexible.
  • Honest, trustworthy and open.
  • Commitment to the mission and values of AKT.


AKT is looking for volunteers who can commit to one evening each week for digital mentoring sessions with young people. Some of these mentoring relationships will be short term while others will last for a longer period of time, depending on what has been agreed between Digital Mentor and young person. If a volunteer stays in this role for at least three months, then all parties will benefit most from the experience. Ultimately, frequency and duration is down to individuals’ discretion. Volunteers will be expected to participate in training specified by AKT and occasional review activity. Out-of-pocket expenses related to these activities will be reimbursed upon proof of purchase.

Support for Volunteers

Training relevant to the role will be provided to ensure that volunteers can deliver impactful mentoring sessions to young people in a virtual environment. Digital Mentors will belong to a diverse community of volunteers and receive support from AKT so that they can maximise the opportunities presented by working with young people. There will also be peer support opportunities – connecting with other digital mentors across the UK to share best practice and learning.


To apply for this role please complete our online application form.

For more information please contact Tom Johnson, Digital Services and Innovation Manager