Why youth homelessness is now the greatest threat to LGBTQ+ peoples’ human rights in the UK today

  • 24% of homeless youth population identify as LGBT (2015, akt)
  • Centrepoint identified that 150,000 (approx.) young people are living in hostile environments / homeless (2016, Centrepoint)
  • 77% of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness could be preventable, as caused by familial rejection, abuse and ejection from home 
  • Impact on LGBTQ+ young people’s health, wellbeing, safety and life chances (education, employment) much greater than their peers
  • Cost to state: £24-30k pa to return to safety. akt’s Purple Door emergency and longer-term housing project costs £100k per annum to operate (funded completely by corporate and individual donations) saved the state £1.5m in first 18 months

How akt is preventing this threat: 

akt believes that prevention and early-action focused service delivery is the best way to help young people facing homelessness, as this approach: 

  • Limits the impact of homelessness on young lives, society and vital/valuable services
  • Provides a low-cost option, limiting the need to address the health and wellbeing impacts of prolonged periods in hostile environments / homelessness 
  • Has high impact, by increasing reach and limiting the need for complex and capacity stretching interventions

akt now and help us prevent lifetimes of homelessness 

As an individual 

Share our work online and offline. Share our messages on social media, or add our details to your email footer. Share the following message on Twitter (just copy/paste):

24% of youth facing homelessness identify as LGBTQ+. 77% experience rejection/abuse at home. @aktcharity can help: akt.org.uk

As an MP 

  • connect your young constituents in need to our online services
  • share our online services with the schools, public services and other organisations operating in your constituency

As Government: 

  • ensure vulnerable LGBTQ+ youth are considered and included in the Homelessness Reduction Act guidance and other policy and decision making 

Click here to download a copy of our LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness Briefing

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